Publié le sam 6 Juil 2013

Egypt–Update: Military Opens Fire on Friday Prayer Worshipers in Sinai


Yesterday , the Egyptian military opened fire– live ammo–on pro-Morsi protesters during the Friday prayer. The soldiers were not provoked. The crowed peacefully demonstrating, and was in the middle of their prayer service (bent over, not in a threatening position, but in a worshiping position) when the sound of small fire arms and machine guns started. The soldiers aimed their guns at the worshipers and a certain number of casualty was reported. Check the video & pictures below.

It is clear that the military wants to worsen the situation. It is clear that the military is not interested in protecting peaceful demonstrations and protests, as they claimed they would do.  The only purpose behind this escalation of violence and the worsening the situation is to isolate the MB, push it in a corner and force it to retaliate and engage in violent and armed confrontations with the military. This will provide the military with an excuse to ban the MB and disband the Justice and Development Party, and drain popular support away from the MB.

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