Publié le dim 7 Juil 2013

Egypt: Video Showing Fake Islamists with Fake Beards Acting like Pro-Morsi Supporters


There are several videos circulating on Internet forums, youtube, and facebook pages showing fake Islamists with fake beards or holding the black flag of Al-Qaeda acting like Pro-Morsi supporters. These fake Pro-Morsi supporters behave in the most obnoxious way possible and sometimes engage in violence acts to tarnish and assign the blame of violence to the Pro-Morsi supporters in particular, and to the members of the MB in generals.

In this video, we see a bus full of fake Islamists with fake bears acting like Morsi-supporters. Who are they? Who hired them? Where are they going? What are they going to do? Why do they have fake beards? Who order them to disguise themselves as fake Morsi supporters? Are they going to kill someone? Are they going to burn a building? Are they going to rape a woman? We don’t know, but what we do know is that the Egyptian military and the secret police–i.e., the deep state–is behind these tactics.

Such actions would only worsen the situation, which is pretty chaotic right now. One should not act recklessly and  take these videos at face value and show them as a proof that one camp is wholly and entirely responsible for all the acts of violence. There is enough chaos and violence already, and we must not  pour more oil on an already very hot burning fire. Of course, this is nothing new here. Those of us who have observed, followed and study the Algerian civil war post-1992 are familiar with such phenomena–i.e., fake Islamists, fake soldiers, fake police, fake road blocks, fake supporters of one camp or the other. Moreover, what we see in this video is that the Egyptian military is imitating and following in the steps of the Algerian military and ripping a page from the Algerian military security apparatus playbook. This is not a good sign for the future of Egypt. The Algerian example ought not to be followed by either camp since it ended pretty badly for both camps.  So, cautions is recommended and we ought not be too quick in assigning blame to one group or another.


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