Publié le lun 28 Mai 2012

Egypte: élection présidentielle, Mohamed Mursi vs. Ahmed Shafiq


UPDATE: 05/28/2012–Egypt’s electoral committee declared on Monday that a run-off for the presidency would pit Mohamed Mursi and Ahmed Shafig

Mohamed Mursi: 24.3%

Ahmed Shafiq: 23.3%

Hamdeen Sabahy: 20.4%

Abul Fotouh: 17.2%

Amr Moussa: 10.9%

Quick comment: Obviously the big surprise here is the leftist candidate Hamdeen Sabahy. He came first in a large number of big cities. From the data we have seen today, his voters tend to be young, educated and urban. His voters are also very anti-Mubarak regime, which way will Hamdeen’s voters swing will pretty much determine who is going to win the run-off.

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